Whether I’m doing the recording or directing it, my years of experience as an editor pay off during location videography.  Knowing what’s needed to tell the story in the edit room helps me with shot selection in the field. That sometimes means knowing what the priority shots are because we only have 30 minutes more of daylight. Above, I’m directing the videography for Goodfellow Bros. general contractors in Maui.  Yeah, I know.  Tough gig.

In-house Production Package:

  • Cameras:  Panasonic HcX1000 4K Camcorder, a GH4 4K DSLR with Separate audio recorder, and a GoPro Hero 2.
  • Audio:  Two Sennheiser wireless lavs, a wireless handheld, Tascam D60II DSLR Audio Recorder , Mix-Pre camera-mounted mixer, a shotgun mic, and 3 sound blankets.
  • Lights:  Arri interview light kit with one 1000W medium Chimera, two 600W fresnels, and a 250W fresnel.
  • Grip: Two C-stands, sandbags, reflector and gels
  • Field Monitor: Marshall 10″
  • Tripod: Sachtler
  • Slider: Konova 30″